The Age Article and PPV Response

Please see link to below article that was published in The Age newspaper on 3rd May 2021 – Falling off the ‘magical cliff’: Call for review of NDIS age limit:

As Polio survivors, we at Post Polio Victoria (PPV), thank you Bill Moss for raising this issue, we are acutely aware of the age discrimination against over 65’s in the NDIS. We call for immediate inclusion for fair and equal service for all PWD who are 65+. This would enable PWD and their families to live a full and happy productive, dignified life.

Please see below private Letters To The Editor that were published in The Age from:

Shirley Glance OAM – president of Post Polio Victoria

Dr Peter Freckleton – board member

Liz Telford OAM – past president of Post Polio Victoria

The Age Letters To The Editor May 2021



COVID-19 Vaccines Update

Please see below links for updates on the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out:


Post Polio Victoria Statement Opposing The ‘Independent Assessment’ For Access To National Disability Insurance Scheme

Post Polio Victoria (PPV) opposes the mooted introduction of “independent assessments” for access to the NDIS.

A change from the current assessment model to the mooted “independent assessment funded outsourced model” is unnecessary and potentially deleterious, in that it threatens current and potential participants with reduced assistance or even exclusion from access altogether. There is strong potential to re-traumatise polio sufferers, who need trusted health care providers who are essential to safe continuity of care.

It is undesirable to divert funding from resources for polio sufferers to an additional layer of bureaucracy, regressing from a human rights best practice model to a Dickensian welfare model.

The health and well-being of polio and wider disability communities must not be compromised by interference with the NDIS for reasons of cost-cutting or on any grounds whatsoever.”


Post Polio Victoria Inc.

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