NDIS Vs My Aged Care

This document reflects the inadequacies of My Aged Care.
Compiled by members of PPV

Health Information

Anesthesia and Surgery

Anaesthesia & Surgery: A guide for people with a history of polio
St Vincents Hostpital 2016

People with a history of polio have special needs when it comes to anaesthesia and surgery.

This guide is for anyone who has had polio and will be having surgery. It has information to help you and your healthcare team plan your surgery. Take it with you to any appointments before you have surgery, and when you go into hospital.

Anaesthetists need to be wary of postpolio syndrome
Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists - Safety and Quality 2015

Important information for your anaesthetist

Patients with a polio history — what anaesthetists need to know
Liz Telford 2020

Liz Telford OAM prepared this article for the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Spring 2020 edition

Polio patients and surgery: information for health staff
Danish Society of Polio and Accident Victims

Preparing for Surgery
Richard L. Bruno, HD, PhD 2019

Specifics for PPS
Selma Calmes

Coping Strategies

Coping Styles of Polio Survivors
Frederick Maynard & Sunny Roller 1991

Staying Clear and Strong
Liz Telford 2021

Dieting and Exersize

Exercise: Use it and Lose it
Richard L Bruno, HD, PhD 2018


Fainting and Fatigue in Polio Survivors
Richard L Bruno, HD, PhD 2015

Preventing Ultimate Burnout
Richard L. Bruno, HD, PhD, et al. 1998

The Cause and Treatment of Post Polio Fatigue
Richard L. Bruno, HD, PhD, Nancy M. Frick, LhD, etal 1995


In the News – ABC, US Reports first Polio case in nearly a decade!


Late Effects of Polio

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2022 LEoP Orange Introduction to Clinical Practice

Accommodation Support and Helpful Resources

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Overview and Resources of Accommodation Support

PPV 2021 Survey Monkey

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PPV_Survey Monkey Report October 2021


Diagnosing Post-Polio Syndrome in the Elderly, a Case Report
Morolake Amole & Nadine Khouzam-Skelton 2017

Post Polio Syndrome -an orphan disease
Dr. Peter Nolan 2012

This is the first of two presentations given by Dr Peter Nolan following the Polio NSW 24th Annual General Meeting on 8 December 2012. There are two videos – the first is the presentation itself, and the second is the following Question and Answer session. The slides accompanying Dr Nolan’s presentation are also available.

Parenting with Polio

Parenting after Polio
Ellie Cassels, Gabrielle Longden 2020

A video presentation of research spearheaded by our Committee member Nimo Hersi

Respiratory Issues

Articles About Oxygen and Other Pulmonary Issues
Rancho Los Amigos Post-Polio Support Group http://www.polioassociation.org

Breathing problems – links to various articles
Post-Polio Health (www.post-polio.org) and Ventilator-Assisted Living (www.ventusers.org)

Breathing Problems in Post-Polio – various articles
from Post-Polio Health (www.post-polio.org) and Ventilator-Assisted Living (www.ventusers.org)

Breathing Problems of Polio Survivors
Linda L. Bieniek , Judith R. Fischer, Joan L. Headley, and Edward Anthony Oppenheimer, MD . 2001

Living and Breathing with Weak Respiratory Muscles
Hal John Hester Colebatch AM MD FRACP, Ian Neering PhD MSc

Postpolio Syndrome and Anesthesia
David A. Lambert, M.D, Eleni Giannouli, M.D & Brian J. Schmidt, M.D

Pulmonary function tests
from Post-Polio Health International

Financial Assistance

Arthur Marsden Whiting Fund – Application Form

The Arthur Marsden Whiting’s Sympathy Fund was established to provide assistance to people with a physical disability who are in need of financial support.

Companion Cards

The Companion Card is issued to help people with a significant, permanent disability, who can demonstrate that they are unable to access most community activities and venues without attendant care support.

Continuity of Support Program

Assists people who have been receiving Disability Support Packages, BUT are not eligible for the NDIS because they are 65+.

Essential Medical Equipment Payment – Application Form

The purpose of the Essential Medical Equipment Payment is to cover the additional costs of running essential medical equipment, that arise from the introduction of a carbon price on 1 July 2012.

Home Renovation Loans – Fact Sheet
State Government of Victoria

Life Support Concession – Application Form
Victorian Government Human Services

The Life Support Concession assists Victorian households who hold a valid concession card with electricity costs where a member of the household uses an eligible life support machine

Medical Cooling Concession

If you are a concession card holder, and a member of the household has a medical condition that affects the body’s ability to regulate temperature, you can use this form to apply for assistance with summer electricity costs.

My Aged Care

People over the age of 65 can contact My Aged Care 1800 200 422 or go to http://www.myagedcare.gov.au/eligibility-diverse-needs/older-people-disabilities to find out about services are available.

National Disability and Insurance Sceme

If you are under the age of 65 and live in an NDIS roll-out site (and have had polio) you may be eligible for the NDIS. Call the National Disability Insurance Agency on 1800 800 110 or go to ndis.gov.au/vic for information on how to apply and when the NDIS will roll out in each local government area.

SWEP State Wide Equipment Program

SWEP provides Victorian people who either have a permanent or long-term disability or are frail aged with subsidised aids, equipment and home and vehicle modifications.

It provides some funding for assistive technology, continence aids, CPAP, car and home modifications.

For more information go to https://swep.bhs.org.au/for-individuals.php or telephone 1300 747 937

Mobility Aids


Flexifoot is an innovative ferrule (rubber tip) for walking sticks and crutches. It improves grip and stability especially on slippery and uneven surfaces. It also cushions the shock through the body of the sticks hitting the ground. See the testimonials on their website.

Independent Living Centre

Provides free information, advice and trial of independence equipment. Staffed by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

SWEP State Wide Equipment Program

SWEP provides Victorian people who either have a permanent or long-term disability or are frail aged with subsidised aids, equipment and home and vehicle modifications.

It provides some funding for assistive technology, continence aids, CPAP, car and home modifications.

For more information go to https://swep.bhs.org.au/for-individuals.php or telephone 1300 747 937

Travellers Aid

Travellers Aid provide assistance to travellers. We’ve found them greatly helpful arranging transport when coming in to the city from out of town for meetings.

Advocacy Organisations - Where to get help

These organisations offer individual advocacy and support to people with a disability. If you have any problems with disability services, health services or government agencies, these are the services that can assist.

Action for More Independence & Dignity in Accommodation

Advocacy, Self Advocacy, Rights, Accessibility & Community Living for People with a Disability.

Action on Disability in Ethnic Communities

ADEC is a community based organisation which represents the rights and needs of people of non-English speaking background living with a disability, and their carers.

Barwon Disability Resource Council

Barwon disAbility Resource Council is a voluntary body formed for the purpose of representing the interests of people with disabilities.

Disability Advocacy Resource Unit

DARU is unique in Australia as a dedicated resource unit funded to work with disability advocacy organisations to promote and protect the rights of people with disability. We develop and distribute resources and provide training opportunities to keep disability advocates informed and up-to-date about issues affecting people with disability in Victoria.

Disability Justice Advocacy

Disability Justice Advocacy Inc DJA provides advocacy support to people who have ongoing support needs as a result of disability

Gippsland Disability Advocacy

Gippsland Disability Advocacy Inc. is a not for profit, community based Incorporated Association that provides information, advocacy support and referral to specialist services

Grampians disAbility Advocacy Association

Grampians disAbility Advocacy provides FREE advocacy support for people with a disability across the Grampians region.

Polio Australia – Representing Polio Survivors throughout Australia


Please click to access the full report

Polio Australia Position Paper – ongoing services during COVID lockdowns

Rights Information and Advocacy Centre

Rights Information and Advocacy Centre (RIAC) is a not-for-profit organisation that builds the capacity and wellbeing of individuals, families, carers and communities through advocacy and support services, with offices in many regional centers around Victoria.

Southern Disability Advocacy

Southern Disability Advocacy advocates for the rights and interests of individuals with a disability, working with residents of the Cities of Port Phillip, Stonnington, Bayside, Glen Eira, Kingston & Frankston, & the Shire of Mornington Peninsula.

Southwest Advocacy Association

Southwest Advocacy Association (SWAA) is an independent, not-for-profit, community organisation that has provided individual and systemic advocacy for people with all types of disabilities throughout south west Victoria since 1993.

Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability

VALiD provides a range of advocacy and information strategies that connect together, supporting people with a disability on their journey towards empowerment, inclusion and a good life in the community.

Related Organisations

Action on Disabilities in Ethnic Communities

ADEC aims to empower people with a disability from non-English speaking backgrounds, their families and carers.

Aids and Equipment Action Alliance

Works towards improving the availability of aids and equipment to aged and people with disabilities.

Australian Polio Register

Polio Australia encourages every polio survivor living in Australia (whether you contracted polio in Australia or overseas) to join the Australian Polio Register.

Carer Gateway

A national phone service that provides information and resources to support carers, and a service finder to connect to local support services.

Council of Self Help Groups

Working to develop the Self Help movement

Council on the Ageing

COTA promotes the needs of older people.

Health Complaints Commissioner

Complaints may be directed to them for mediation or investigation, after you have tried to tried to resolve the complaint with the health provider yourself.

International Ventilator Users Network

Enhancing the lives and independence of users of home mechanical ventilation (HMV) through education, advocacy, research and networking.

New Aged Care Draft

As you are undoubtedly aware the Federal Government – The Department of Health and Aged Care – DoHAC) as a result the Royal Commission has drafted a new aged care act for legislation.  New Aged Care Draft

The outcome of this proposal has been received with mixed responses.  We at Post Polio Victoria are very concerned about the lack of clear inclusion of our disability we are currently drafting a response to the Federal Government which needs to be submitted by the 12th of February. To that end, we are seeking your input on any thoughts and solutions you may have both positive and negative to include in this response.  Whatever you share with us, will be treated with respect, and used anonymously, it needs to be short if possible as we are all aware that lengthy documents are not always read.

Because of the deadline set by the Federal Government, your response needs to be submitted to us by 10.00 am on Monday 5th February – enabling us to submit our/your concerns.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Office of the Public Advocate

The OPA works to promote the dignity and rights of people with a disability.

Polio Australia

Provides quality health information for polio survivors and health professionals, Polio Conference research papers, Health and Wellness retreats, promotes services provision across Australia.

Polio Network Victoria

Polio Network Victoria, informing and supporting polio survivors, carers and families through state-wide support groups and quarterly newsletter Polio Perspectives. Contact: polionetworkvichelp@gmail.com

Polio Services Victoria

A free rehabilitation service for people in Victoria with polio.

Public Interest Law Clearing House

PILCH – a legal resource for community groups

The work of ANUHD is complete

A mandatory access standard for all new housing is included in the National Construction Code from 1 October 2023

Any further activity at a State level will be through Building Better Homes.

Livable Housing Design Training

Please visit the ABCB webinar on Livable Housing Design Standard.
This video from the NCC 2022 Webinar Series held in March 2023 covers the latest changes regarding livable housing design in NCC 2022.

Women With Disabilities Australia

The vision of Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) is to improve the lives and life chances of women with disabilities.