In the News – ABC, US Reports first Polio case in nearly a decade!

Late Effects of Polio

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2022 LEoP Orange Introduction to Clinical Practice

Accommodation Support and Helpful Resources

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Overview and Resources of Accommodation Support

PPV 2021 Survey Monkey

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PPV_Survey Monkey Report October 2021

Diagnosing Post-Polio Syndrome in the Elderly, a Case Report
Morolake Amole & Nadine Khouzam-Skelton 2017

Post Polio Syndrome -an orphan disease
Dr. Peter Nolan 2012

This is the first of two presentations given by Dr Peter Nolan following the Polio NSW 24th Annual General Meeting on 8 December 2012. There are two videos – the first is the presentation itself, and the second is the following Question and Answer session. The slides accompanying Dr Nolan’s presentation are also available.