Update on our meetings with Polio Services Victoria

April 2017

Two meetings between PSV, represented by Manager Allied Health and Community Programs, Kathryn Bailey and Coordinator Claire Formby, and polio community representatives from Bayside Support Group, PPV and PNV – Liz Telford, Margaret Cooper, Ron Exiner, Peter Willcocks, Bev Watson and Mary-Ann Leithoff from Polio Australia have taken place. This is the key consultation for PSV.

These meetings focus on service issues, discuss feedback and the feedback process for clients with the overall aim to improve the experience of clients attending the service as well as the process of giving feedback.

The concept of patient-centred health care, care that is responsive to the needs and wishes of the patient and treats the patient with dignity underpins our discussions.

Over the years many people have spoken with PPV about their experiences with PSV, both positive and negative. Some have asked us to pass on the feedback for them, others have been concerned about this impacting on funding. At these meetings these stories have been discussed in a constructive process of examining what makes for a good health service experience.

Client feedback is necessary to improve any health service. PSV funding will not be withdrawn because of concerns raised by users of the service.   If you have concerns or suggestions about how the service could be improved, it would be great if you provided them. You can contact the Coordinator Claire Formby, or contact us if you prefer.

If you would like to know more, or to discuss these meetings contact PPV.