Letter regarding the treatment for polio survivors during the coronavirus pandemic

Dear Prime Minister

I am writing to you with concern regarding the treatment or lack thereof for polio survivors during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Post Polio Victoria (PPV), insists that polio survivors be given as of right full treatment for coronavirus infection, including use of ventilators.

Moreover, PPV insists that polio survivors not be subject to enforced euthanasia through failure to provide best-practice treatment, or in any other way. 

It is self-evident that the medical treatment of polio survivors must not be compromised by reason of age and/or disability or on any grounds whatsoever.”

As a polio survivor myself I am fully aware of how debilitating a virus can be, and would hate to think if I were to be wheeled into Emergency, I would be rejected or discarded by reason of my disability and or age and denied full treatment.

We would welcome your assurance that the above treatment principles will be acknowledged in order that polio survivors will receive full treatment and not be subject to adverse discrimination, including involuntary or enforced euthanasia.

Shirley Glance OAM
Post Polio Victoria Inc.

Letter to Prime Minister 3rd April 2020