Voting closes at midnight tonight – Vote Now!

Today is our last day of voting for the Focus On Ability Short Film Festival, our short film ‘LIVES WELL LIVED’

Below are instructions for everybody who can, to get as many people in your community to vote for ‘LIVES WELL LIVED’.  We have a scheduled Facebook Post every two hours today and one on the final hour.
If you could please throughout the day, click on Post Polio VIC. Facebook Page and share the 2 hour scheduled posts within your communities.  At the bottom of every 2 hour post will be a share button.  Click on the share button and choose ‘Share to a Feed’. The every 2 hour post you share will go directly to your personal Facebook Feed for your communities to hopefully vote and share.  All the hard work is done for you, including a short paragraph on each 2 hour post to help you engage your communities.
Thank you to everybody who has voted so far and have shared with your numerous communities.  Now is the final push.
Good Luck to all 👏 👏