Mornington Peninsula Post-Polio Support Group – Fatigue Special Edition

Fatigue is one of the most frustrating and least understood outcomes of late effects of polio, by us and family members who don’t get why we can no longer manage walking round a supermarket; deal with large and noisy crowds; think rationally or remember what was said yesterday. So have sorted through our library on the subject to cover causes, manifestations, and solutions. Articles and short pieces include

  • Fatigue – what is it, how did I get it? and how to manage it
  • Cognitive fatigue in Polio Survivors
  • Chocolate may prevent memory decline!
  • Brain fatigue, white spots and fear of Alzheimers

+ much more!

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Mornington Peninsula Post-Polio Support Group News May 2018

In this issue:

  • Budget to focus on funding more at-home aged care
  • Submissions to the Australian Electoral Commission for the new seat of Macnamara
  • Medicinal cannabis prescription process

+ much more

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