Focus on Ability Short Film Festival – LIVE on SBS: 03 December 2023

Post Polio Victoria’s winning entry ‘Lives Well Lived’ in the 2023 Focus on Ability Short Film Festival has been chosen to be part of the celebration on International Day of People with Disability which will be broadcast on SBSon 3rd December at 4.25 pm

Every year on 3 December, people around the world take part in International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD). It is a day to promote awareness, understanding and acceptance in our community.

The Focus on Ability Short Film Festival will be showcased nationwide on SBS on 3 December. This 65-minute documentary, featuring stories from various corners of the globe, will be broadcast on SBS at 4:25 pm and subsequently accessible On Demand.

Please share this extraordinary event with your communities and                  👇 Click on our winning short film presentation below 👇