2022 AAG Conference, Pre-Conference Workshop Recognition at Last, people ageing with Post Polio Syndrome

9.30am - 12.30pm Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Adelaide SA, Australia

Recognition at Last
Inclusive Communities and Services for
People Ageing with Post-Polio Syndrome

On 22nd November 2022, The Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG)  partnered with Post Polio Victoria and Celebrate Ageing Ltd to facilitate a workshop on the experiences and needs of people ageing with

Post Polio Syndrome (PPS). The workshop at the AAG annual conference in Adelaide explored:
• The experiences of polio survivors
• The perspectives of researchers and clinicians
• The views of aged care service providers.

The workshop included a paper on the unique experiences and needs of people ageing with PPS and suggestions for inclusive services and communities. The development of the paper, which will be led by AAG, is expected to influence change – Recognition at Last.

The voices of people ageing with PPS have not been heard. Planning for communities and services has not taken the needs of people ageing with PPS into account. This is the first national workshop calling for that to change – and we would value your support.

Please find below our shared stories:

PPV President: Shirley Glance OAM

PPV Vice President: Peter Freckleton



PPV Secretary: Robyn Abrahams


The Hon Kim Beazley AC


For more information
• Shirley Glance OAM President Post Polio Victoria: 0411 660 860
• Dr Catherine Barrett, Director Celebrate Ageing Ltd: 0429 582 237

Workshop Link: Polio (aagconference.asn.au)

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