About Us

Post Polio Victoria Inc. was established in 2011 after a large gathering of people with polio in Melbourne, Victoria. It was clear to us all that we need to advocate for the services we need and to ensure that both we and the health professionals have the necessary information to ensure the best possible care.

Post Polio Victoria (Inc) is run by a volunteer management committee consisting largely of people who have had polio.

PPV has no on going funding and its work is reliant on donations and one-off grants.

Committee of Management

The present committee was elected at the last Annual General Meeting held in November 2019.

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  • Providing information on polio research, aids and equipment for health professionals and people with polio through our website and newsletters
  • Raising awareness amongst health providers and governments about the health and support needs of people with polio
  • Advocating to State and Federal governments to ensure that the rights and entitlements of people with polio are protected with the introduction of the NDIS
  • Polio Alert adopted by St Vincents Hospital to alert Health Professionals on the special requirements for people with polio undergoing surgery.
  • Requesting that the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaethetists (ANZCA) alert their members on the special anaesthetic requirements of people with polio, resulting in an article in their journal and guidelines that patients can give to their anaesthetists.
  • Writing submissions to the government on the Assistive Technologies discussion paper.
  • Advocating against changes to the Mobility allowance and Multi-purpose taxi programs.
  • Consumer meetings with Polio Services Victoria, State and Federal MPs

Mission Statement

  • Post Polio Victoria (PPV) aims to assist people with polio to stay connected to their community.
  • PPV will advocate for post-polio needs to health professionals, services and government authorities.
  • PPV’s goal is to provide information, advice and raise awareness of issues that surround polio to the broader community.

The Objectives of PPV are to:

  • Focus on strategic issues that are beyond the scope of individual members and Polio Support Groups to undertake alone, or that are of significant interest and benefit to the membership as a whole.
  • Advocate on issues related to Post-Polio to health professionals, services and government authorities.
  • Raise awareness and educate people on issues that surround polio to the broader community.
  • Build positive relationships with the Victorian Polio Support groups and other relevant Victorian community groups.
  • Foster relationships with Polio Australia, Polio Services Victoria, Polio Network Victoria (Independence Australia), and other relevant services and community groups.
  • Provide information and advice on Post-Polio and its late effects, to people who have had polio, and who may now be experiencing, or starting to experience, the complications associated with this condition.
  • Assist people who have had polio, along with their families, carers and networks to support each other and stay connected to their community.
  • Be aware of and support current appropriate research into the effects of poliomyelitis.
  • Raise funds to support the stated objectives of PPV.
  • Promote the eradication of poliomyelitis.