Anaesthesia & Surgery: A guide for people with a history of polio
St Vincents Hostpital 2016

People with a history of polio have special needs when it comes to anaesthesia and surgery.

This guide is for anyone who has had polio and will be having surgery. It has information to help you and your healthcare team plan your surgery. Take it with you to any appointments before you have surgery, and when you go into hospital.

Anaesthetists need to be wary of postpolio syndrome
Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists - Safety and Quality 2015

Important information for your anaesthetist

Articles About Oxygen and Other Pulmonary Issues
Rancho Los Amigos Post-Polio Support Group

Breathing problems – links to various articles
Post-Polio Health ( and Ventilator-Assisted Living (

Breathing Problems in Post-Polio – various articles
from Post-Polio Health ( and Ventilator-Assisted Living (

Breathing Problems of Polio Survivors
Linda L. Bieniek , Judith R. Fischer, Joan L. Headley, and Edward Anthony Oppenheimer, MD . 2001

Diagnosing Post-Polio Syndrome in the Elderly, a Case Report
Morolake Amole & Nadine Khouzam-Skelton 2017

Living and Breathing with Weak Respiratory Muscles
Hal John Hester Colebatch AM MD FRACP, Ian Neering PhD MSc

Polio patients and surgery: information for health staff
Danish Society of Polio and Accident Victims

Post Polio Syndrome -an orphan disease
Dr. Peter Nolan 2012

This is the first of two presentations given by Dr Peter Nolan following the Polio NSW 24th Annual General Meeting on 8 December 2012. There are two videos – the first is the presentation itself, and the second is the following Question and Answer session. The slides accompanying Dr Nolan’s presentation are also available.

Postpolio Syndrome and Anesthesia
David A. Lambert, M.D, Eleni Giannouli, M.D & Brian J. Schmidt, M.D

Pulmonary function tests
from Post-Polio Health International

Specifics for PPS
Selma Calmes

Surviving in a Post Polio World
Nora Ellen Groce, Lena Morgon Banks, Michael Ashley Stein 2014