Barbary Clarke

Singing in harmony and finding la mot juste in my writing are two of my greatest pleasures in life. As is gathering with my international feminist sisters – by Zm.

I’m a member of Long Breast Press lesbian-feminist collective which has successfully published six books (number 7 is on the way) – some sold by Readings (quite a coup for a self-publisher!) First came Willing Up and Keeling Over, a handbook covering every aspect of making wills, planning & running funerals, and grieving the loss of loved ones. Surprisingly to some, it’s been our ongoing best-seller since 2007. As well as the serious side of writing on a subject no one wants to know about – until they need it! – it was fun devising humorous chapter headings and including poetry, songs and stories.

A chequered career included working in multi-nationals, latterly as a management consultant, until I escaped to reinvent myself as a restaurateur at Serendipity Sri Lankan restaurant and later, as a grief counsellor.

Not content with that (maybe since I come from a line of female activists) for the past 20-something years I’ve been pursuing full-time (though, sadly, unpaid) human rights and health advocacy.

I have a black familiar with ‘cattitude’; a Toyota Prius which partly assuages my guilty reliance on my car; and a block with mature fruit trees, which are regularly stripped by urban wildlife.

Polio’s been a speed bump, but I sometimes like to see if I can go over it so fast that I get airborne.